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(White Plains, NY) – Founded in early 2010, ProMusic Royalties is a privately held, non-institutional funding organization created, staffed, and run by professionals with backgrounds in the financial and musical fields.
Our main goal is to help solve the often urgent monetary needs of recording artists, songwriters, actors, composers, directors, and entertainment industry professionals by providing them with advances or buyouts for their future royalty or residual payments.
At P.M.R we know the importance as well as the costs of promoting concerts, touring nationally, and recording albums. We also know that top-dollar gigs are often few and far between, and the term "starving artist" is more than just a colorful expression.

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So with those thoughts in mind we started this service to help out artists, entertainers, and musicians who earn at least $24,000. in royalties a year get access to their future royalties without relinquishing their copyrights.
If you can't get a traditional loan or you don't have time to wait until your next royalty payment arrives, our funding strategies can advance you usable cash in as little as 2 weeks, regardless of your past or present credit rating. But unlike a traditional institutional loan you'll never be burdened with repayment worries.
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ProMusic is happy to announce we've added the Harold Adamson music catalog to our success list!

Harold Adamson

Harold Adamson (1906 - 1980)

Born in New Jersey, raised in New York and educated at the University of Kansas and at the prestigious Harvard University, Harold Adamson would grow up to become one of North America's greatest song lyricists.
After graduating from college Adamson signed a contract with MGM Studios in 1933 and moved to Hollywood to pursue his career of writing songs and music for movies.
Throughout the '30s and '40s he collaborated with iconic Tin Pan Alley tune-smiths like Burton Lane, J. Fred Coots, Walter Donaldson, Victor Young, Duke Ellington, and Jimmy McHugh.
Adamson's most famous and well known composition is the theme song for one of America's most beloved and classic TV sitcoms the "I Love Lucy" show which to this day continues to entertain over 40 million viewers around the world every year.
He wrote songs that appeared in such classic films as "Around the World in 80 Days" (which won the Oscar for Best Picture), "Gentleman Prefer Blondes" (w/ Marilyn Monroe) and "An Affair To Remember."
His music catalog also features many classic songs recorded by some of the world's most famous crooners
of their time. Including Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Nat "King" Cole, and the unforgettable Billie Holiday.
During the course of his lifetime (1906 - 1980) Harold Adamson received a total of 5 Academy Award
nominations for Film Lyrics and was finally inducted into the National Songwriter Hall of Fame in 1972.