Profit Participation Loan
Get Factoring For Your "Profit Participation" Payments
If you are receiving quarterly payments from licensing products or services you no longer have to wait for the payments to come in month by month. Here's one example of a profit participation loan we funded...

A TV producer licensed 80 episodes of a very popular syndicated show to MTV for broadcast in exchange for receiving one payment every 4 months for a year. The money was good but the term left something to be desired. Namely, the producer needed cash now, not in 12 months, so he could develop additional projects.

ProMusic Royalty Sales offered to buy the MTV payments at a small discount. The producer got money he could use immediately and we waited out the 12 months so that he wouldn't have to. PMR can do the same for you regardless of the product or service licensed. If you're receiving guaranteed payments, we can advance on them.

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